2016 Research Guide Now Online!

We are proud to share our 2016 research data with you. The research book is now online.

Download the 2016 Research Guide Today!

2015 Research Guide.

We are proud to share our 2015 research data with you. The research book is now online.

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StollerUSA Visits Security Seed's Research Farm

Security Seed's research farm hosted StollerUSA's sales team as they came to see the work done on our Hopkinsville Research Farm. Patrick Hurt, Research Director, walked them through what we've learned about Stoller's product lines and how they work in the unique geography of Security Seed's growers.


Security Seed's Research Methodology

We're proud of the way we do research at Security Seed. Our dedication to local research has won us the respect of our vendors and we are proud to work with them on a variety of research trials all over our three research farms, and our satellite farms. Here, Security Seed's Research Director Patrick Hurt describes the methodology behind our local research, with special guest Sarah Gehent, from Syngenta.

2014 Research Book Available Now!

The 2014 Security Seed Research Book is now online, and can be downloaded here.

2013 Research Summary

The 2013 Security Seed Research Book is now online, and can be downloaded here.

2012 Plot Summaries

The 2012 Corn and Soybean plot summaries offer information on variety trials we conducted in 2012. We had test plots in a variety of locations across Tennessee and Kentucky and ranked our yield results. Included are varieties from Armor Seeds, DeKalb, AgriGold, NK, LG, Asgrow, and more. 

Corn Plot Summary 2012

Soybean Plot Summary 2012 


The 2012 Research Summary: Now Available Online!

 The 2012 Security Seed Research Book is now online. This was a big year for Security Seed's research efforts as we looked at nitrogen carry-over and its potential effects on next year's wheat crop. There are some important tips for soil sampling to ensure consistent results. Maintaining best practices for soil sampling is extremely important when making fertility choices, to build a program that best addresses Liebig's law of the minimum


Seed Selection and Placement, managing and limiting stress in crops, and a variety of nutritional products are examined to find out how to take yields to the next level.



The 2011 Research Summary: Now Available Online

This 2011 research results are now online for your convenience. We tested a variety of products including Strive, AC-97, Black Gold and Bio-Forge. We're happy to demonstrate results with the products we recommend every day. See for yourself: 

2011 Research Summary


This years soybeans are facing a variety of threats. There are reports of army worms in the area, as well as various weeds and diseases presenting a threat to area crops. Watch out for Marestail and Palmer Amarant and Giant Ragweed, which can show resistance to glycophosphates. If you find disease or infestation on your field, don't wait to contact Security Seed and Chemical to help solve your crop problems.

With double crop soybeans emerging, it's important to keep a close eye on your crop for diseases like Bacterial Blight and Brown Spot. Bacterial and fungal diseases need to be dealt with quickly to protect plant health and growth. And large amounts of rainfall, just like the heavy rainfall we've seen this year, can contribute to several diseases that can affect your corn crops. 

Darwin Newton discusses fungal diseases and insect problems that could be facing growers this time of year. It's important to constantly monitor crops for insect infestation or Grey Leaf Spot, Leaf Blight or other potential problems. Catching disease or infestation early allows a grower to take appropriate measures to protect their crop, and their bottom line.

Darwin Newton is one of the many experts Security Seed is proud to have on the team. Here he explains the importance of soil mapping as it relates to crop nutrition. We want to provide the most comprehensive, detailed information about the soil types our growers see every day. If we can be more efficient with fertilizers, help our growers gain better yields or lowered costs, we can demonstrate just how valuable our relationship is. 

SS&C has seen miracles in science and technology benefit growers over the last 30 years. We’re committed to our local growers to research and study every new advancement that can increase yields, while at the same time maintaining the stewardship over the land that we’ve been entrusted with.

With research plots, high trained staff and the latest information available, we work closely with local Universities. SS&C places our commitment to research right along with our products and services: We will do anything to help our growers.

2010 Research Summary: Now available online

Our 2010 research summary is now online for your convenience. With wheat and soybean fertility studies, a nitrogen study on wheat and corn and a look at bio-stimulants, we're happy to demonstrate results with the products we recommend on a daily basis. See for yourself: 2010 Research Summary

Guy Reader conducts valuable research that benefits Security Seed and local growers.


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